Welcome to the Server and nice you found your way here! This page shows how gameplay on this server looks like and links "must see" pages of this wikia all together. Enjoy your stay.


Many features require chat commands, so get acquainted with them, by typing /help subjects in your chat window ingame (on the server).

By using the custom client Spout, a few chat command features are becoming obsolete by having interfaces which take on the same functions as their chat command counterparts.


Helpful chat commands: /help subjects, /spawn, /town help.

In the wilderness, players do not have the ability to place most blocks. They can however craft all items given access to public crafting tables and Furnaces. They may seek aid of a mayor and join his town. Also possible is becoming the mayor of your own town while not having citizenship of another, all you need is 400 coins in your wallet and create one.

Block Placement Exception: Torches, Sprouts.


Helpful chat commands: /help subjects, /town spawn, /town help, /nation help.

As Resident: Right after getting your citizenship you should head to town, ask your Mayor or fellow Residents for help on navigation.

As Mayor: If you just made a town you probably should buy some new plots nearby (without direct contact to other plots is possible as well). One plot won't suffice for anyone's need in the long run. Building some type of fence (any material you like) is also recommended, to keep monsters and other players out. This will also help your residents and yourself see where your plot ends.

For all: Make your chests, furnaces, doors and dispensers safe from others by applying a sign to them. See sign for usage of this feature.


Helpful chat commands: /help subjects, /town help, /nation help.

alanine quote: "There isnt much yet or really anything, other than obvious diplomatic immunity from seize"


Our In-game music feature is working great, and capable of distributing and playing high quality audio tracks. However our current selection is rather limited by theme. If you would like to add your own music for us to play server-wide simply email me a URL to the directly linked format. The only catch is it must be in .ogg .mid or .wav format. Appropriate music only. The current track listing is available at our music database. - By alanine