As with everything; obtaining money becomes easier as you progress. There are many methods being used to bring coins into creation for our world, and many more methods to promote circulation. We have called our in-game currency coins.

Why would you want Coins?Edit

No matter what you set out to accomplish within CivilCraft, economic wealth is always a factor in regards to the difficulty of the task. For example, do you need to flatten out some terrain to provide space for town expansion? As a mayor, yes you could do and do it yourself, however that is daunting, and it is likely there are more dire tasks to be attended to, and as such it may often times be more convinient simply to hire another player to clear the land for you. Being a mayor allows you to calculate taxes to ensure enough revenue to afford these benefits; a thriving town may not be able to splurge on such conviniences.

How do you get them?Edit

Earning coins can often times be a difficult task in itself. Taking that into consideration we have provided you with a whole slew of opportunities to pick and choose from when it comes to earning coins:

What are some uses?Edit

As mentioned, coins utilize a vast collection of uses. Heres a few of the ways that they can be spent:

  • Access to town civic buildings/arenas
  • Expanding features of your town
  • Hire other players to complete a task
  • Paying Taxes (Town/Nation)
  • Plot Purchasing
  • Town Creation
  • Training Tier 2 NPCs
  • Quick-traveling
  • Obtaining VIP status (currently not done by coins)
  • Expanding your backpack* (not ingame yet)
  • A variety of abilities (not ingame yet)
  • Purchase a companion wolf (not ingame yet)
  • Riding the train (not ingame yet)
  • Quick-harvesting wood (not ingame yet)

There are many more methods in which you can spend your in-game currency. This is only a brief overview.