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Within our world you will find that things are not as they usually are. Here at CivilCraft we have taken extensive time to change, and add more content in order to flesh out the gameplay within Minecraft. Here you can find a list of some of the 'Simple' features', and some of the 'Gameplay' features.


Game ElementsEdit

These elements are the basis to our gameplay

  • 24/7 Persistant Game World
  • Player Driven Economy
  • Unique Town Society System
  • Diplomacy Orientated
  • Spout Content

Game FeaturesEdit

These are all of the in-game features that make your gaming experience better. It is completely your choice wether or not to take advantage for most of them while playing.

Special EventsEdit

Special events are features that have a percentile chance to occur on a given event to make the gameworld more dynamic.

  1. Acid Rain - 25% Chance per downfall.
  2. The Hunt - 75% Chance each night.
  3. Nightmares - 10% Chance per sleep.

Spout-only FeaturesEdit

Game Features that first require an "upgrade" to the custom Minecraft-Client of Spout by downloading. This doesn't mean playing without is impossible! Downloadlinks are always provided ingame, either by players or chat command.

  • Backpacks (Press B)
  • Crafting To-Go (Press N)
  • Custom In-game Music
  • Inventory Sorter (Press S)
  • Trading Interface


These are keys, when pressed in game, trigger a special function labeled here.

  1. S - Intelligently sort your inventory
  2. B* - Access 9 additional inventory slots with the use of a backpack. Items stored here do not drop on death.
  3. N* - Access a crafting bench on the go without having to stop to set one up. You must have one in your possesion.

System FeaturesEdit

  • Anti-Cheats
  • Bukkit 1080
  • Chat Censor
  • Chunk Save/Load Optimization
  • GeoIP
  • In-game Account Verification
  • In-game Player/Bug Reporting System
  • In-game Server Resource Viewer
  • Packet Compression
  • SpoutDev


A asterisk/star (*) signifies a VIP feature.

Two asterisks/stars (**) signifies a Sponsor feature.