Within CivilCraft, we have our in-game music and soundtracks. These soundtracks are then playable at a whim and are broadcasted to all players online who have their Minecraft 'music' option at 1% or greater

This feature requires Spout.


Animals As LeadersEdit

  1. Tempting Time
  2. Soraya
  3. Thoroughly At Home
  4. On Impulse
  5. Tessitura
  6. Behaving Badly
  7. The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing
  8. CAFO
  9. Inamorata
  10. Point to point
  11. Modern Meat
  12. Song of Solomon

With Man Comes MassacreEdit

  1. Time
  2. Sympathy
  3. Goddess
  4. Sewn Open
  5. Rise
  6. Abyss

More to come!

I can instantly increase our selection of audio! - Have a request? Post a directly liked file in the comment or message me on Skype. The files must be .ogg .mid or .wav format.