What Is Spout?Edit

Spout is responsible for making all of the amazing things done on this server possible. Spout comes with both a server side API, and also a custom client for the player's side. The end result is unlimited possibilities.

The more noticable effects of spout are the ingame visuals and interfaces.

For example instead of having to type long and tedious commands for town management, we are developing an interface to handle this all using togglable buttons.

Another example would be area-specific texture packs. What if we wanted to give a certain area, say a haunted or halloween theme for example? Surely we wouldn't want ghastly trees populated all over our world. This allows you to contain that visual change to a defined area.

It also adds for countless other things from better resource usage, to decorative things such as an in-game server wide soundtrack.

Why Would I Want Spout?Edit

Simply put; because your missing out.

Our server implements spout's ability whenever there is a chance, and although players who do not have the spout client will not be restricted the ability to play, none of the spout content will be visible to them.

For example; are your friends who have the spout client going to kill the Fearsome Non-Existent Soul Trapper? Well while they see the soult trapper in all of his horrific might; all you would see is a particularly tough zombie.

You will also be exempted from listening to our high-quality server sound track, which plays at a beautiful 320 kbp/s.

Well How Do I Get It?Edit

Thats easy too. You can grab our cracked spoutcraft client with a built in minecraft name changer included, or you can crack the newest spout client yourself for any benefit that it may provide.

The current supported client is however spoutcraft is fully compatible also.

Download the current version here: SpoutCraft Cracked


This is as quick and painless as possible. Download the current cracked spoutcraft client from the posted link.

  1. Extract the .zip file to receive 2 folders, and a README file that also contains these instructions.
  2. Go to START > RUN > Type %appdata% and select OK.
  3. Drag the .minecraft folder which was found in the downloaded .zip file, and copy it into %appdata%.
  4. Select yes to all when asked if you want to overwrite.
  5. Run minecraft run the minecraft.exe found in the LAUNCHER folder from the .zip file.
  6. See you in-game!